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New Widget, Private Logs, Header Links & More

ChangeCrab Team
3 years ago

New Widget

We've changed the widget so you now have two options for embedding. First is the traditional inline embed option, but also you now have a full height slide

Private Changelogs

We've now introduced the ability to have private changelogs. Private changelogs are only accessible by you and your team by logging into your ChangeCrab account and do not have a publicly accessible URL. You can setup the new widget in your changelog settings.


With the introduction of Private Changelogs we’ve also introduced notifications. You can toggle notifications on for any of you or your teams’ changelogs and then get notified when a new item has been added. 

Header Links

We've also introduced the ablity for you to set your post headers to go to a given URL. For example you might want to link the header of your post to the dashboard page with a new feature, or maybe to a help document about the changes.

Smaller Changes

- We've moved the save, publish and close buttons to be fixed, making it easier to access when editing longer posts
- We've cleaned some CSS up, and redesigned several elements for better looking UI
- We've moved the subscribe form into a clickable button on the public reporting pages